YAG Laser Spot Welder PB Series

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PB series utilizes a laser source that excites Nd: YAG crystal using a pulsed Xenon lamp that resonates to create a laser with a wavelength of 1064 nm.
With good beam quality, fine laser spot, strong penetration and fiber transmission, an excellent non-contact long-distance, precision spot welder is produced. Highly recommended for integration with automated production lines.
Equipped with a real-time laser power feedback control system, the preset laser power can be controlled using feedback to adjust laser power in real time. The power supply output is adjusted so laser energy is always stable.
The real-time feedback control system eliminates laser energy instability caused by grid fluctuations, water temperature changes, xenon lamp aging and significantly improves consistency of welding products.

YAG Laser Spot Welder PB Series Details:

  • High aspect ratio, thin line weld width, narrow heat affected zone, zero deformation, and fast welding speed
  • Smooth and clean weld with or without simple process after welding
  • High weld strength, no porosity, eliminates the impurities of the base metal
  • The microstructure can be refined after welding, Weld strength is at least equal to or exceeds base metal strength
  • Tiny laser spot can be precisely positioned and easily automated
  • Suitable dissimilar metal welding
  • Excellent for spot welding, butt welding, overlap sealing welding.

  • Mobile phone and other electrical metal pieces
  • Electronic components
  • Small sheet metal
  • Pipes
  • Medical device
  • MOLD repair
  • Military manufacturing
  • Advanced instrumentation
Technical Specs

  • Laser Model                                       PB25                  PB80                 PB300                  
  • Laser Type                                            YAG                       YAG                    YAG
  • Wavelength (nm)                                  1064                  1064                      1064
  • Work Mode                                           QW                    QW                        QW
  • Max Average Power (W)                25                      80                              300
  • Max Peak Power (kW)                   3                       5 or 9Kw                       6, 9 or 12Kw
  • Max Pulse Energy (J)                    25                      50                               30, 60 or 90 J
  • Pulse Width (ms)                                  0~50                   0~50                    0~50
  • Max Pulse Frequency (Hz)             100                    100                            100
  • Wave Forms                                        50 Groups           50 Groups                 50 Groups
  • Fiber Output                                        Max 4                Max 4                           Max 4
  • Fiber Diameter (mm)                            0.2                    0.4                              0.3,0.4 or 0.6mm
  • Positioning Method                           CCD Camera        CCD Camera                  CCD Camera
  • Cooling System                       Air-cooled                          Air-cooled                         Water-cooled
  • Power Input                       220V±10% 50/60 Hz     220V+10% 50/60 HZ     380V+10% 50/60 Hz