Wire Machinery


FA40V Advance is the Next Step in Processing Larger Applications in a Moderate Foot Print


The FA05V Advance Provides the Power for High-Speed Machining of Extra-Large Applications

MC-MV1200-R Plus M800

High Performance and High Accuracy for Die / Mold Type Applications

MC-MV1200-S Type M800

Wire EDM Designed for More Profitable Medical Hardware and Piece Part Production

MC-MV2400-R Plus M800

MV2400-R Advance Plus M800 Revolutionizes Wire EDM Technology Accommodating Larger Die / Mold Applications

MC-MV2400-S Type M800

MV2400-S Advance Type M800 Brings Cost Performance to the Large Die and Piece Part Market

MC-MV2400-ST Type M800

MV2400-ST Advance Sets New Heights to Fully Submerged Tall-Part Cutting


MV4800 Advance is designed for up to 20” Tall Submerged Applications such as Large Mold Bases