Voortman VP2500

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The Voortman range of automatic painting machines are specially designed for painting plates and profiles and are made out of high quality components, for the best painting results. The painting system can be combined with other surface treatment systems, creating one integrated surface treatment line consisting of e.g. a: blow-off unit, pre-heater, shot blasting machine, painting machine and a drying tunnel. Combining these in one line increases the production process, while reducing the total floor space required in comparison to stand alone machines.

Voortman VP2500
Voortman VP2500 Details:
Installing a pre-heater in front of the shot blaster gives advantages for both blasting as well as painting. By drying the material before blasting the risk of cluttering of abrasive is minimized. The advantage to the painting system is that the painting result is improved and the line speed can be increased. In order to re-use spare energy from the preheater inside the drying tunnel a connection pipe is fitted.

The painting system has two paint trolleys of which the drive chains are connected to the same motor. This guarantees a perfectly synchronized movement. The trolleys can be fitted with 3 sets of nozzles to switch between different paint types automatically.

All Voortman paint supply systems are suitable for solvent based as well as water-based paint.

A light barrier is placed in front of the painting system to measure the height of the material, so that the height of the upper paint trolley is adjusted automatically.

On both sides inside the painting cabin an air intake box is installed, the airflow itself is generated by a large filter unit. The intake boxes circulate the air back and forth a few times to catch most of the larger paint particles, the filter unit takes care of the remaining paint particles.

In order to reduce the waste of paint, material detection sensors mounted on the upper paint trolley look for empty spaces before, after and between the material. If there is no material detected the system does not spray paint.

The inside of the painting cabin is completely layered with special material which makes cleaning of the machine very easy. Over the floor and in front of the lights, a roll with transparent plastic film is placed. When turned the dirty plastic is replaced by new clean plastic.

A drying tunnel is installed directly behind the painting machine to dry the paint in just a few minutes with temperatures around 40°C. When the material reaches the end of the tunnel, it is ready to be used immediately. In order not to damage the fresh paint a chain transport is used inside the tunnel instead of rollers. This chain conveyor exists out of T-bars and small supports to reduce contact even further.

All Voortman painting systems are prepared to have a maximum of three separate paint supply systems. These separate systems can be used for multiple colours or different paint types.

An air blower can be installed in front of the pre-heater to remove most water from the material. In this case it is easier for the pre-heater to dry the material. The blower can be set to two different heights.