Voortman V704

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This CNC controlled marking system with nine axes is an extremely fast and efficient machine to mark structural profiles with layout lines and part numbers by milling. From all types of layout marking, milling gives the best quality mark, visible even after shot blasting, painting or galvanizing. With its four marking units, equipped with high precision linear guides and a servo motor with ball screw for the movement, it is possible to mark profiles on all sides.

Voortman V704
Voortman V704 Details:
The Voortman V704 can mark all four sides of the product. The machine can create part numbers, contours, welding information and detailed part numbers for plates and angles that will be welded to the profile. Voortman’s layout marking is driven by compressed air and runs at 20.000 rpm. The tools have a carbide tip with 4 usable sides which can easily be exchanged.

The fastest measuring system for profiles in the market is the Voortman roller feed measuring system. This system combines two driven and two pressure rolls, which use their large contact area to firmly clamp the profile during processing. The two separate measuring discs keep an accurate track of the position of the profile while moving it with high speed. As the profile needs to be clamped only once, waiting time is eliminated.

The V704 marking machine is equipped with a laser measurement system to measure web and flange height. This enables the software to compensate for any mill tolerances.

When the material is clamped, the width of the profile is measured. The software checks whether the correct profile size is inside the machine as well as compensating for mill tolerances. When the wrong profile was loaded or the mill deviation is too big VACAM will warn the operator before resuming the production process.

Push the button and start the complete process
After loading the DSTV or DSTV+ (completely nested) files into the processing list of our VACAM operating system and loading the (optional) cross-transports with raw material, the machine can be started with just one push on the button. After this, the operator doesn’t have to do anything to help the production process but unloading finished products from the outfeed cross-transports. This means that when the V704 layout marking machine is first in line, there is only an operator needed for loading the cross transport and selecting the correct production data. Besides this, there is even no operator needed when the V704 layout marking machine is placed right after the V630 beam drilling machine. Because the beam as well as the data will automatically be send to the Voortman V704.

Fully automatic profile transportation
Mechanical or double operated drag-dogs are used to transport the profiles onto the in-feed roller conveyor and of the out-feed roller conveyor. Detectors in the drag-dogs enable automatic transport of the profiles from the cross conveyors to the in-feed roller conveyor and into the machine, as programmed in the VACAM operating software. Selected products will then automatically be produced out of the trading lengths. After the process drag-dogs detect the profile and transport the finished product onto the out-feed cross-transports. The cross transports are long enough to carry multiple profiles, allowing the machine to operate on its own for a considerable time.

Noise reduction
The cross transports are equipped with double polyamide strips to reduce the noise while transporting the profiles across the transports.

The Voortman V704 beam marking machine as all other machines is delivered with the VACAM operating software, this means all machines talk in the same “language”. This advantage is used to integrate two or more machines, as seen in the lay-out below virtually one production line called Multi System Integration (MSI) is created. VACAM constantly keeps track of all the material and the machines know exactly which raw length or part is entering the machine without any intervention of the operator.

Every machine in the Voortman delivery program is equipped with the VACAM Operating Software. As a result, all machines have the same “look-and-feel” which significantly reduces the learning curve for the end user.

The VACAM operating software is a Voortman development and is completely developed in house. It is the result of decades of experience in steel machinery and is continuously optimized by adding new technologies. Because VACAM is an open platform, an API can be used to easily exchange production data between VACAM and ERP or MRP packages. It allows the user to monitor production in real-time. This information can also be used to compare estimates made during the quote stage of a bid with real production times.

Product data of DSTV-format which for example is exported from 3D modelling software can be imported directly into VACAM in a clear and structured way without any adding or editing of the data in between.

The VACAM Office Edition is developed in the same style, and works in a similar way as the VACAM Machine Edition. It can be installed at the office to create products and monitor the production process in real-time. The VACAM Office Edition has a reduced user interface, because it is not used for machine control.

VACAD Editor is a flexible drawing tool, integrated in VACAM. It can be used to create and modify contours, holes, imprints, marks etc. for drilling, cutting and layout marking processes. The VACAD module shows the actual dimensions and is a pleasant tool to work with. Created contours can be saved in templates, which can also be inserted in other products.