Voortman V613

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The Voortman V613 beam drilling machine is equipped with a rotating drilling unit. This unit enables drilling of both flanges and the web. The machine has two automatic tool changers for a total of ten tools which makes this machine also perfect for layout marking, thread tapping or countersinking. Besides this, the drilling unit is suitable for HSS drills, carbide tipped drills and center point marking. Material measuring can be done by a roller feed measuring and transportation system or by a gripper truck measuring and transportation system. The automatic tool changers in combination with the overall unmatched automation level of the Voortman drilling lines eliminates the need of an operator being present at the drilling line.

Voortman developed this machine with a rotatable drilling head especially for customers who do not need the extremely high productivity of the Voortman V630 drilling line which has three independent drilling heads. The Voortman V613 offers the same stability and quality level at a lower cost.

Voortman V613
Voortman V613 Details:

The Voortman roller feed system is the fastest measuring and transportation system for profiles in the market. This system combines two driven and two pressure rolls, which use their large contact area to firmly clamp the profile during processing. The two separate measuring discs keep an accurate track of the position of the profile while moving it with high speed. As the profile needs to be clamped only once, waiting time is eliminated.


For customers who require a lot of small products, or who want to fully automate the removal of small products and clean cuts, Voortman offers a strong and fast servo driven gripper truck as measuring and transportation system capable of moving even the heaviest profiles without losing its stability. To increase the automation level of the beam drilling machine, automatic Short Product Removal System (SPRS) is available. All products up to 1.200 mm / 4 ft will be clamped during cutting. After cutting it will be transported from the saw and pushed out sideways. Clean cuts are dropped into a separate bin. This system is only possible in combination with a gripper truck.


All our beam drilling lines automatically measure the web and flange height with a pneumatic probe. This design compensates for mill tolerance issues and corrects the measurements from the edge or center as needed automatically prior to running the material.


When the material is clamped, the width of the profile is measured. The software checks whether the correct profile size is inside the machine as well as compensating for mill tolerances.


Using synchronized servo drives with ball screws for each movement as well as a large 30 kW servo drive for the drilling spindle results in extreme acceleration. Maximum speed is reached in just a fraction of time, and maximum torque in the full range from 1 to 2,500 RPM is perfect for carbide drilling.


Every machine in the Voortman delivery program is equipped with the VACAM Operating Software. As a result, all machines have the same “look-and-feel” which significantly reduces the learning curve for the end user.

The VACAM operating software is a Voortman development and is completely developed in house. It is the result of decades of experience in steel machinery and is continuously optimized by adding new technologies. Because VACAM is an open platform, an API can be used to easily exchange production data between VACAM and ERP or MRP packages. It allows the user to monitor production in real-time. This information can also be used to compare estimates made during the quote stage of a bid with real production times.


Product data of DSTV-format which for example is exported from 3D modelling software can be imported directly into VACAM in a clear and structured way without any adding or editing of the data in between.


The VACAM Office Edition is developed in the same style, and works in a similar way as the VACAM Machine Edition. It can be installed at the office to create products and monitor the production process in real-time. The VACAM Office Edition has a reduced user interface, because it is not used for machine control.


VACAD Editor is a flexible drawing tool, integrated in VACAM. It can be used to create and modify contours, holes, imprints, marks etc. for drilling, cutting and layout marking processes. The VACAD module shows the actual dimensions and is a pleasant tool to work with. Created contours can be saved in templates, which can also be inserted in other products.