Voortman V600

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The Voortman V600 beam drilling machine has one horizontal drilling unit and is extremely suitable for structural steel fabricators with a limited floor space.

The V600 is specially designed for profile drilling, thread tapping, counter sinking and center point marking. It consists of a drilling table and a drilling cabin, which moves horizontally along the table. Synchronous driven servomotors in combination with ball screw spindles provide fast and accurate drilling at all times.

Voortman V600
Voortman V600 Details:

The Voortman V600 can process multiple parts in a row. It is possible to place multiple parts at the table, as long as they are not more than the working area of the machine. This ultimately saves time, because when the drill is processing the second product, the operator has time to turn the first beam while the machine keeps processing.


The front side of the product is measured by laser to assure high accuracy. In automatic mode, the system measures the front side of all products on the drilling table and stores the exact positions in the computer. The machine can then automatically finish all products without any interruptions. Manual operation with the use of a remote control is not necessary.


The hydraulic clamp is fitted with a measuring system to measure the height of the flanges, while the height of the web is measured by two lasers placed inside the clamp.


Using synchronized servo drives with ball screws for each movement as well as a large 30 kW servo drive for the drilling spindle results in extreme acceleration. Maximum speed is reached in just a fraction of time, and maximum torque in the full range from 1 to 2,500 RPM is perfect for carbide drilling.


The table of the V600 drilling system is available in variable lengths, so it can be supplied according to customer requirements. Because the machine is moving alongside the products, the footprint of the machine is reduced by 50 % compared to a machine with cross transports and roller conveyors.


Beam processing, Tube processing, Flat bar processing, Angle processing, Channel processing.
All processes and profiles can be done without manual programming in the software:

Flat bar
Angle iron
Square tubes
Rectangular tubes


Hydraulic clamping prevents the profiles from moving during the drilling process and eliminates vibrations resulting in more accurate drilling and extended tool life.


An air compressor is installed inside the drilling cabin. The air compressor supplies the air for cooling and tool changing. The big advantage of this on-board air compressor is that it eliminates the need of a central air connector. This means, for the V600 you only need air supply and a data cable.


The Voortman V600 is equipped with a Bluetooth connection for data and power. Voortman uses a power rail for the power connection to the cabin. The power rail is less sensitive and requires less maintenance then a cable tray. The DSTV data for automatic programming is being transferred wireless via Bluetooth or by USB drive.


An automatic tool changer with 5 tools is included with the machine; the tool changer ensures higher production as the machine does not have to wait for the operator to change the tool. To be able to move the drilling unit to the material in full speed, the length of every new tool is measured by laser when a new tool is placed into the tool changer. This eliminates touch sensing.


The V600 drilling machine is fitted with a movable drilling cabin. The cabin is provided with a housing to create a safe working environment. Positioned completely free from the floor, the housing will not be disturbed by any chips lying on the ground.
The drilling cabin moves along a toothed gear rack with two frequency driven wheels. These driven wheels are also used as a measuring system to determine the cabin’s position. Several guidance rolls move along the top and the bottom of the drilling table for additional support. The frequency controlled drive and electrical operated brakes ensure smooth movement of the cabinet.


Every machine is equipped with our standard Vacam control software. All machines share the same “look-and-feel” which significantly reduces the learning curve for the end user.

Our Vacam operating software is completely developed in house. With decades of experience in steel machinery, it is an ongoing process of optimizing and implementing new technologies. Within Vacam's open platform, APIs are used to easily exchange production data with ERP and MRP software. Vacam provides a real-time graphical representation of workflows and processes. Operators and planners are able to monitor the exact location and routing of products.

Vacam natively supports DSTV and DSTV+ data from 3D steel fabrication software and MRP software for product data and batches. Importing data can be done both at the machine and at the works office. Both with their functions tailored to individual Vacam editions.
The Vacam control panels in the workshop run the Vacam Machine Edition with dedicated functionalities. Operators are able to request and control the status of all modules. The Machine Edition handles imported data as well as manual programming at the machine.
The Vacam Office Edition runs in a similar way and is dedicated for preparing products and lineal nests. The interface is simplified for showing only required functionalities with the main functionality of monitoring the production process in real-time.


The integrated Vacad Editor enables operators to improve output by creating products or quickly resolve human errors derived from works office. Vacam is simple to edit and any operator is able to take full advantage of VACAD Editor with one day of training.