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Increased output without compromising production by using the fastest flat and angle processing machine in its range. The Voortman V550-7.

In order to improve the diversity and speed of your production, Voortman has designed a flat and angle processing machine, which is completely CNC controlled. The V550-7 is able to process flat steel profiles up to 500 mm / 19-5/8″ and angle lines up to 200 mm / 8“. The processing differs from both horizontal and vertical punching, carbide drilling, thread tapping, countersinking and miter shearing up to 45° in both directions. The Voortman V550-7 flat and angle machine is equipped with a high speed hydraulic numbering unit for piece identification while leaving all layout marks to the scribing tools.

The new robustly designed the V550-7 CNC machine is a combination of optimized mechanisms and intelligent software that complements your workshop.

Voortman V550-7
Voortman V550-7 Details:
The Voortman V550-7 flat and angle machine is more productive than any CNC machine in its range. By adding high performance hydraulics and a robust high speed gripper truck, the overall processing speed has increased immensely. Our Vacam control software optimizes the cutting sequence to reduce scrap to a minimum and by sensing the material length and nesting on the fly. All processes are so closely matched that waiting times are brought to a minimum. With servo controlled components and powerful hydraulics, we are able to perform rapid movements while increasing production cycles without compromising accuracy.

To reduce manual tool changes and downtime of the V550-7, the machine is equipped with 13 rotatable dies for use with 7 vertical punches. This allows you to process a wide range of thicknesses for each punch diameter without additional tool change. The hydraulically driven carousel is synchronized with the vertical punches to ensure a high-speed punching process.

One big advantage in terms of production speed is profile numbering by our hard stamping unit. This unit greatly accelerates the process with its possibility to stamp 36 different characters on the profiles bottom side, leaving only layout markings to the milling tool.

The Voortman in-house developed Vacam control software is known for its high quality when it comes to material handling. The flat and angle CNC machine is able to handle material up to 15 m / 50 ft. without any manual intervention. During the process the active buffer management secures a priority position for the first profile in line while buffering following profiles. By continuously shifting profiles toward the gripper truck, new profiles can be loaded onto the handling system where the gripper truck is always provided with material.

The V550-7 flat and angle machine is equipped with additional sensors at the infeed side in order to achieve maximum output with a high speed production cycle while processing variable material lengths. The sensors on the gripper truck automatically locate the profiles location and length, making it possible to approach a profile at a speed of 1.2 m/s / 4 ft./s The length of profiles can vary from 6 m / 20 ft. up to 15 m / 50 ft. without affecting your production times.

A wider work space for the last three horizontal punches greatly improves the versatility in angle line processing. Up to three different punch diameters can be used without any manual tool changing during production. The extra distance allows each punch with their own diameter to process profile widths up to 200 mm / 8”. These three positions together with the horizontal punch make sure that manual tool changes, and therefore downtime is limited to a minimum

The Vacam control software makes sure each product corresponds to one of the 13 bins. Full length profiles can be nested for use in multiple projects. There is minimal operator intervention thus allowing the infeed to perform a continuous buffering cycle for efficient production with a minimum waste of material. With the production efficiency of this sorting system, you can realize an increase of up to 25% over alternative systems.

The robust V550-7 flat and angle machine is designed for processing for a wide range of profiles with a variety of processes. When punching larger holes in 25 mm thick material our V550-7 machine displays very well its powerful performance. The modular construction and the absence of physical guidance means vibrations are immediately absorbed into the surface which eliminates further influences on other modules.

The CNC flat and angle machine is equipped with an advanced hydraulic system. The high and low pressure systems are separate and processes are performed smoothly with minimal vibrations. This low noise hydraulic system and design is a major benefit to the overall performance and ergonomics of the Voortman V550-7.

When the punching of holes is not required the new design drill spindle will be utilized. The V550-7 is equipped with a very robust designed spindle with variable speed and feed for all types of tooling. The development of this spindle has been conducted in close cooperation with a team of specialists. With their knowledge of processes and markets, this drilling spindle has achieved the two main goals: Performance and reliability.

To enable constant and efficient production the machine operators have access to a comprehensive yet simple interface of our improved Vacam control software. Adaptive behavior is one of its key features. It allows operators to perform task-oriented work in a dynamic environment. While switching between different production phases as preparation of production, the overall structure remains unchanged with new related functions applied. Our Vacam control software is appreciated for its consolidated graphical representation of the production process. Vacam is able to generate a clear overview of processes such as buffer management, production status and machine modules to assist with online support.

The flexibility of the CNC controlled flat and angle machine is enhanced utilizing the tool changer. Tool changing is very prevalent in daily production and great attention has been paid to the design of the Voortman V550-7 in order to increase efficiency and minimize set up and idle time. The punch assembly is now designed to the rear of the machine frame. Operators have free access to the tools in this area. The Voortman V550-7 then selects the appropriate tool by program CNC command. Tool changes are optimized to reduce changing to a minimum by the Vacam software.

Automated material handling takes over after loading the infeed with stock profiles. With detection sensors the infeed cross transports ensure infeed and buffering of profiles. Operators are able to manually load and unload the flat and angle machine without intervening the production process. The V550-7 is equipped with an additional width measurement for making sure the infeed profiles correspond to the loaded batches in Vacam. This prevents mismatches between profiles and processes by alerting operators with incorrect assessment.

The CNC controlled Voortman V550-7 is equipped with a horizontal and vertical punch for processing flat and angle profiles in unrivaled speed. The vertical punch contains seven punch holders for round, square and slotted holes in the range of 5 mm / 13/64” to 57 mm / 2-1/4”. The punch mechanism is not directly connected to the punch cylinder. This design means you do not side load the punch cylinder so overlapping and nibbling with the punches is possible for producing long slots and edge punching for stiffeners. The robust V550-7 with a punch force of 980 kN guarantees punching in thicknesses of 5 mm / 13/64” to 25 mm / 1”. The Vacam software also controls the punch stroke. Should thicker material be punched you have the capability to double punch to ensure the slug is clear.

A high speed single cut shear is employed with a strength of 2400 kN to ensure the overall speed of the flat and angle machine is not compromised. The shear width of 510 mm / 20”enables 45° cuts in both directions. The shear rotations is positional from 0° to 45° and is positioning by program command. The Angle shear is also capable of processing material up to 200 mm x 200 mm x 16mm / 8” x8” x 5/8”. The Voortman Vacam software optimizes the cutting and punching sequence. It also fully controls all functions without the intervention of an operator as long as the infeed loading table is full.

The Voortman V550-7 uses a high speed CNC spindle with SK 40 holders for the production of drilled or tapped holes. The flat and angle machine also employs an automatic tool changer with 5 tools. The spindle can drill up to 40 mm / 1-9/16” diameter, tapping from 6 mm / 1/4" up to 30 mm / 15/16”, counter sinking and layout marking. To prevent chips from building up on the surface an air knife is employed to keep the area clear and not affect other machine operations.

Every machine is equipped with the standard Voortman Vacam control software. All machines share the same “look-and-feel” which significantly reduces the learning curve for the end user.
The Vacam operating software is completely developed in house at Voortman. With decades of experience in steel machinery, it is an ongoing process of optimizing and implementing new technologies. Within Vacam's open platform, APIs are used to easily exchange production data with ERP and MRP software. Vacam provides a real-time graphical representation of workflows and processes. Operators and planners are able to monitor the exact location and routing of products.
Vacam natively supports DSTV and DSTV+ data from 3D steel fabrication software and MRP software for product data and batches. Importing data can be done both at the machine and at the works office. Both with their functions tailored to individual Vacam editions.
The Vacam control panels in the workshop run the Vacam Machine Edition with dedicated functionalities. Operators are able to request and control the status of all modules. The Machine Edition handles imported data as well as manual programming at the machine.
The Vacam Office Edition runs in a similar way and is dedicated for preparing products and lineal nests. The interface is simplified for showing only required functionalities with the main functionality of monitoring the production process in real-time.

The integrated Vacad Editor enables operators to improve output by creating products or quickly resolve human errors derived from works office. Vacam is simple to edit and any operator is able to take full advantage of VACAD Editor with one day of training.

The Voortman V550-7 flat and angle machine includes CE-certified safety modules in and around the machine. These modules make a distinction between movement limitation and movement detection with fences and light curtains. Passageways where machine contact is inevitable are protected with light curtains for movement detection. By separating the in- and outfeed sections from the machine section, the V550-7 continues processing while loading and unloading profiles. The Voortman V550-7 also conforms to other local safety codes for use outside of the CE jurisdiction.