Voortman V325

Voortman recently unveiled the NEW V325 precision plate processing system. Voortman is known for innovative designs that reduce production costs, add process capabilities while delivering world class service and support customers depend on. The Voortman V325 comes standard with a CAT50 servo drill, 20 station automatic tool changer, 3D plasma bevel and the proprietary Oxy-fuel 4.0 torch with capacitive height sensing.

The V325’s innovative design reduces labor with automatic small part removal while maintaining accuracy on large parts. Fabricators and manufacturers can benefit from configuring the machine with a wide range of value added features to meet the needs of various applications.

Voortman V325

Integrated Precision Plasma Bevel & Oxy-Fuel Cutting Technology

Machine Motion Optimization

CAT50 Servo Drill

Automatic Underside Deburring

Efficient Material Management