Voortman V304

The Voortman V304 is designed for the next step in precision plasma and the latest oxy-fuel cutting technology. It is designed for cutting plates with plasma or Oxy-fuel in a precise and efficient way.

The V304 can be equipped with multiple plasma (bevel) and Oxy-fuel torches. This machine is capable of processing various types of material such as mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum. It comes standard with optimal programming integrated in the CNC control software for all kinds of cutting, including: 3D plasma bevel cutting, strip cutting and weld preparations. A helical rack and pinion rail system guarantees precise positioning at all times.

Voortman V304

Machine Motion Optimization

Integrated Precision Plasma 3D Bevel & Oxy-Fuel Cutting Technology

Configure With Multiple Plasma Bevel Or Oxy-Fuel Torches

Plasma Or Inkjet Marking