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The new Voortman V302 is an effective plate cutting machine that now gives smaller workshops access to the renowned cutting technologies and reputable build quality of Voortman, receiving the functionality and performance that you may simply expect for doing your job perfectly.

The Voortman V302 is especially designed for cutting plates with plasma or oxy-fuel in a fast and efficient way. The system is able to process multiple types of material such as mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum and can be equipped with high and low powered plasma sources to be customized for different kind of applications.

Voortman V302
Voortman V302 Details:
After the nesting is started and the machine starts cutting, an average of more than 30% of the total processing time is the positioning time of the torch and the constant initial height sensing (IHS). So you can imagine that, reducing your cut to cut time or positioning time significantly reduces your total processing time.

To reduce your positioning time, Voortman developed the Voortman Height control (VHC), the fastest height control on the market. Together with optimized cut to cut paths and movements (Rapid Part™) positioning times have been reduced to a minimum. The VHC is used for oxy-fuel and plasma cutting and has a speed of 365 mm/s and an acceleration of 2000 mm/s2 which is unmatched.

Voortman succeeded to minimize the initial height sensing (IHS) of the plate with the new instant cut technology. With the cut-to-cut cycle time is reduced by 50%. This is made possible by the Voortman VACAM Operating Software that decides when to skip the initial height sensing based on plate characteristics and cutting paths to speed up production. Also the transport height is kept to a minimum to prevent unnecessary up and down movement of the torch during positioning. During the downward movement the torch moves with full speed to the material and only slows down at the last part.

The office version of Voortman’s proprietary operating software, VACAM Office, connects directly to the machine. It can be installed at the office to create products and monitor the production process in real-time. With VACAM Office works preparation can follow exactly which nesting is in production, which nesting is already produced and which is still waiting in line. Any changes made in the office are immediately visible on the machine. All operations can optionally be programmed or modified either at the machine or with VACAM Office.

Besides this, VACAM analyzes the imported products and nestings instantly. If there are any foreseeable production problems the integrated problem solver will be started and will suggest the best solution(s). This increases the efficiency and runtime of the system because it will not stop during production and these production problems can be solved before the operator wants to run the program.

The VACAM Office Edition is developed in the same style and works in a similar way as the VACAM Machine Edition. The Office Edition has a reduced user interface, because it is not used for machine control

The Voortman Xtensive Hole Performance is developed to optimize holes and inner contours with X-definition™ plasma cutting, resulting in laser like cutting results. To achieve this, Voortman further optimized the Hypertherm® True Hole™ and Kjellberg® Contour Cut range by creating a perfect match between the technology and dynamic movement of the Voortman V302. Holes cut with the optimized True Hole™ and Contour Cut technology (thickness versus diameter 1:1) comply with the hardness and hole tolerances defined in the EN 1090-2 up to 20 mm thick steel.

Next to this, the Xtensive Hole Performance is applied on small to medium sized slot holes and square inner contours. Damage by lead-ins and lead-outs is eliminated, creating nothing but a perfect slot hole or square inner contour.

The Xtensive Hole Performance is also developed for cutting holes in aluminum and stainless steel creating far better results than ever possible before. For aluminum it is now possible to cut a good quality hole with a diameter which is at least 1,5 x the thickness. For stainless steel it is possible to cut a good quality hole which has a diameter of at least two times the thickness. Voortman Xtensive Hole Performance is standard integrated in the VACAM operating software and will be standard selected when cutting small holes.

Let the VACAM operating software handle your high quality cuts without any operator intervention. Parameters like kerf offset, height control, pierce time delay and gas flow are all controlled by VACAM to ensure the best quality cut. All these parameters are automatically selected based on the cutting amperage and the processed material type and thickness. Switching in cutting technologies like Contour Cut/Contour Cut speed, True Hole and Voortman Xtensive Hole Performance is automatically done by the VACAM control to ensure the best cutting parameters with every contour. Based on the contour size the speed is automatically reduced to ensure the taper is reduced to a minimum.

Voortman took the next step in cutting accuracy with the transmission systems of the Voortman V302. Transmission systems with almost no play in arc minutes ensure nothing but a smooth cutting surface in the X and Y-axis. A milled S49 rail ensures a stable and equal movement which results in very accurate cutting quality. The X rails are equipped with a helical rack and pinion transmission with reduced backlash. This ensures an increased accuracy and more dynamic movement compared to a straight rack and pinion. The dynamics are also fully optimized and accelerations/decelerations are smooth and leveled. Vibrations are minimized creating nothing else than an equal cutting surface.

When a collision occurs, mounting the torch back always took some time. Therefore, the Voortman plasma and oxy-fuel unit uses a magnet holder where the torch can easily be remounted back in the holder to minimize downtime of the machine after a collision.

When the arc is lost or the cut is interrupted, the torch can be easily moved back to the point of failure without the flame burning. From the point of failure the torch can ignite and continue the cut. Another possibility is to move the torch a bit from the contour, start in the waste material, move towards the contour automatically and continue the cutting process.

Easy plate measurement with more complex scrap shapes. Based on the shape of the plate and the cut-outs an operator can choose with which corner he wants to define the zero position of the plate. The angle of how the plate is lying on the table can also be automatically calculated by VACAM operating software by manually measuring specific points of the side of the plate.

The outer dimensions of the plate are measured with a laser. Because Voortman uses a Large Laser Cross, this laser is easy visible for the operator, even at back of the table.

Because the panel moves together with the bridge the operator can follow the process up close while operating the machine. Changes in oxy-fuel parameters (e.g. speed and height) during cutting based on changes in the plate temperature can be done easily without walking back and forth between the operating panel and the bridge. Because Voortman also includes VACAM Office all preparation for the next nesting can be done at the office.

Just like all other machines from Voortman, the Voortman V302 is operated and controlled by its proprietary and very user-friendly VACAM operating software. All Voortman machines have the same “look-and-feel” which significantly reduces the learning curve for the operator.

There is an online connection with VACAM operating software and the plasma source. Because of this online connection we are able to read fault messages of the plasma source and anticipate on this. This enables us to provide fast and efficient assistance in case of questions or disruptions, also on the plasma source. Customers can always contact Voortman in case of need.

The oxy-fuel torch is fitted with proportional gas valves which automatically control the gas flow for automatic pre-heating, piercing and cutting. The gas mix is selected based on the thickness and nozzle size from parameters stored in the VACAM operating software. Pressure and gas flow can be controlled from the VACAM control panel so even heavy parts are easy to produce. The flame ignites automatically so no manual proceedings are required to start the cutting flame. It is possible to interrupt the pre-heating process and start cutting immediately by using the control panel. An automatic height console controls the height of the oxy-fuel cutting torch with a capacitive sensor during pre-heating, piercing and cutting.

With VACAM all the parameters are automatically controlled which makes a quality plasma cut very easy for the operator. Parameters like kerf offset, height control, pierce time delay and gas flow are all controlled by VACAM to ensure the best quality cut. All these parameters are automatically selected based on the cutting amperage and the processed material type and thickness. Let the VACAM operating software handle your high quality cuts without any operator intervention to eliminate human errors.

Voortman offers the advanced nesting engine SigmaNEST for their plate cutting machines for increasing material optimization and cutting efficiency. Advanced nesting algorithms ensure a better part yield and maximize material usage while optimizing the cutting cycle times. A powerful automatic nesting algorithm within SigmaNEST minimizes material scrap. The NC-path for the plate cutting machine is automatically created based on customer preferences. Plates can also be automatically cropped and remnants can be automatically created when desired and stored in the library.

Two important features among other things are:

Inventory management and stock control
The inventory management system within SigmaNEST offers a clear view on the available sheet stock and remnant stock. Remnants, once destined for the scrap yard can now easily be saved for future use. Traceability of remnants is also further increased in SigmaNEST Version 10 because remnants can be marked with material certificate numbers, thicknesses and other preferred settings

Accurate cost and time estimation
During the quote stage of a bid accurate cost and time calculations can be made with SigmaNEST based on the cutting length, drilling length, positioning time and number of pierces. Cutting and drilling time can also be used to streamline the production process and optimize planning.

Plasma is rapidly becoming a preferred cutting technology worldwide. Plasma cutting ensures a faster cutting process then oxy-fuel at a lower thickness range and is possible with all conductive materials including mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum. With the introduction of the new developed HiFocus and HyDefinition plasma systems of respectively Kjellberg® and Hypertherm® which gives the plasma arc more stability and energy even higher quality cutting results are possible.

The plasma source for the Voortman V302 is equipped with the latest technology called High Definition plasma. The technology High Definition gives the plasma arc more stability and energy and even higher quality cutting results are possible. High definition plasma offers even similar quality results as the cuts made by laser in terms of angularity and dross and even better results with roughness values.

Voortman offers various plasma cutting systems with maximum cutting currents from 130 up to 400 amps which allow our customers to cut plates up to 120 mm (4-3/4“) thickness.

Oxy-fuel cutting is a relatively low-cost cutting process and with the Voortman V302 oxy-fuel cutting is possible up to a thickness of 100 mm (4”) thick steel. Despite upcoming processes like laser cutting and plasma cutting, oxy-fuel cutting is still one of the most used cutting processes in the steel industry. The consumables are not expensive, the initial investment is relatively low and the process is simple.

Marking by plasma creates a surface discoloration and vaporizes a small amount of material. Performance Scribe is done with a higher amperage and penetrates the material a lot deeper. The advantage of plasma marking and Performance Scribe is that it can be done with the same plasma unit.

For plasma marking, the plasma unit will automatically switch to Argon gas for optimal layout marking results. The marking amperage and speed can be increased and decreased to adjust the visibility. With increased amperage the marking will be visible after shot blasting, galvanizing and painting. Marking speeds depend on the depth of the mark but are up to 7,5 m/min (24-1/2 ft/min) and is normally meant for leaving marks of 0.4 millimeters deep.

Performance Scribe by plasma creates deeper marks than marking by plasma because Performance Scribe is done with compressed air or nitrogen. Besides leaving a deeper mark other advantages of Performance Scribe are that considerably less consumable wear occurs and since you don’t use Argon gas, no gas change and gas supply will be necessary.