Voortman V200

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The V200 is specially designed for drilling, thread tapping, counter sinking and center point marking of plates. It consists of a rigid heavy steel C-frame, which ensures perfect stability during the drilling process. A servo driven drilling unit and a drilling table are mounted onto the frame. Two adjustable hydraulic clamps, which move along double linear guides, are installed for plate positioning. The drilling table is fitted with low friction rollers to ease the movement of the plate. A hydraulic clamp is used to keep the plate in place during the drilling process.

Voortman V200
Voortman V200 Details:
The machine is fitted with a VD40 drilling unit, mounted on double linear guides. The feed rate will be maximal until the drill touches the plate. Besides this, the weight of the in-house designed C-frame is almost 6.000 kg. This ensures the stability which is necessary for high speed drilling. The drilling unit is suitable for HSS drills, carbide tipped drills, solid carbide drills, thread tapping, counter sinking and center point marking. Next to this, drilled holes can be deburred automatically by the deburring unit. Finally, the drills are cooled internally by a mixture of oil and air, for a long lifetime of the tools and to eliminate cleaning work after drilling.

The Voortman V200 is also standard equipped with a hydraulic marking unit. The disc holds 16 characters which are selected automatically and is installed for automatic numbering of the bottom side of the plate. The numbering unit can be used to mark a product with a part number, so that it can be recognized in further production steps.

An automatic tool changer with 8 tools is included with the machine. The tool changer ensures higher production as the machine does not have to wait for the operator to change the tool. The unit is suitable for HSS drills, carbide tipped drills, solid carbide drills, thread tapping, counter sinking and center point marking.

To be able to move the drilling unit to the material in full speed, the length of every new tool is measured by laser when a new tool is placed into the tool changer. This eliminates touch sensing.

To assure a good grip, the machine has two hydraulic clamps which can be adjusted sideways to maintain perfect grip at all times, even when processing large plates. When the datum line is removed, the automatic repositioning mode can be used to drill longer material.

The Voortman V200 is able to drill plates up to a length of 2,4 m. After reaching the 1,4 m table limit, the product will be automatically repositioned so the last part can also be drilled. Hydraulic clamping prevents the plate from moving during the drilling process and eliminates vibrations resulting in more accurate drilling and extended tool life.

The Voortman V200 can handle heavy and thick plates. With a maximum weight of 600 kg and a thickness up to 60 mm.

Every machine in the Voortman delivery program is equipped with the VACAM operating software. As a result all machines have the same “look-and-feel” which significantly reduces the learning curve for the end user.

The VACAM operating software is a Voortman development and is completely developed in house. It is the result of decades of experience in steel machinery and is continuously optimized by adding new technologies. Because VACAM is an open platform, an API can be used to easily exchange production data between VACAM and ERP or MRP packages. It allows the user to monitor production in real-time. This information can also be used to compare estimates made during the quote stage of a bid with real production times.

The VACAM Office Edition is developed in the same style, and works in a similar way as the VACAM Machine Edition. It can be installed at the office to create products and monitor the production process in real-time. The VACAM Office Edition has a reduced user interface, because it is not used for machine control.

The office version of Voortman’s proprietary operating software, VACAM Office, connects directly to the machine. It can be installed at the office to create products and monitor the production process in real-time. With VACAM Office works preparation can follow exactly which product is in production, which product is already produced and which is still waiting in line. Any changes made in the office are immediately visible on the machine. All operations can optionally be programmed or modified either at the machine or with VACAM Office.

VACAD Editor is a flexible drawing tool, integrated in VACAM. The VACAD module shows the actual dimensions and is a pleasant tool to work with. Created contours can be saved in templates, which can also be inserted in other products.

The high powered drilling unit (30 kW / 40 HP) of the Voortman V200 maximize the benefits of carbide drilling. Carbide drilling is up to three times faster and has a longer lifetime than HSS drills. There is also no need for a drill sharpener. Carbide drills have a hardness of 77 to 81 HRC. A typical carbide composition is 93% Tungsten, 6.1% Carbon and 0.03% Iron. Tungsten carbide is extremely hard but also very brittle. It is also more expensive than HSS.

The carbide drills are provided with internal lubrication channels to ensure mist lubrication at the tip. This increases tool life, speed and feed rates, ensures a better surface finish and eliminates cleaning work after drilling. The range of drills which Voortman offers are specially designed for the Voortman machines for optimal drilling results.

Thread tapping on the Voortman V200 is possible from M6 to M30 and the parameters are all standard included in the VACAM software. The V200 is equipped with external and internal lubrication possibilities so can also be equipped with thread tapping tools without internal lubrication channels.

The Voortman V200 is standard equipped with a steel safety fence. Except for working areas, this fence covers all sides of the machine to prevent people from entering dangerous areas unintentionally.