Special Machines Machinery

Faccin Long Plate Roll HAV-2P

The long 3-roll bending rolls of the HAV-2P range are designed to support production of pipes over 18m (60') long and bending plates up to 45m (1 3/4") thick.

Faccin Plate Straightening Machine R Series

The Series R is a range of sturdy, reliable and efficient metal plate levellers. The series is capable of processing plates of any length up to 4m wide and thickness up to 70mm.

Faccin Shipbuilding Plate Roll RP

Faccin's RP line includes large-sized bending ollsa to bend plates even wider than 20m (above 65').

Faccin Shipbuilding Press PPS

Faccin's portal presses of the PPS line are universal and versatile machines to meet multiple needs of shipbuilding operators such as forming plates and profiles, leveling, bending, rolling and 3D modelling.

Faccin Ship Frame Bender FB

The angle rolls of the FB series are machines used in the shipbuilding sector as benders for bulbous bows and profile benders of various types. Faccin"s FB angle rolls are CNC machines able to assure full automation of the production process.