Angle Rolls Machinery

Faccin Angle Roll RCMI

The double pinch angle rolls of the RCMI series by Faccin are precise and reliable profile bending machines, designed and constructed to assure high bending performance. The solid steel structure of certified quality and the special, very high strength forged steel modular rolls make every model in the RCMI range the ideal angle rolls for bending profiles with high flexion strength modulus. RCMI is able to operate on all standard profiles, including beams and curved ducts in the direction of greater inertia.

Faccin Angle Roll TAURUS

The variable geometry angle rolls of the Taurus series offer excellent rolling quality, versatility in bending steel and aluminium profiles and maximum productivity. The special design with variable geometry and 3 motorized rolls assures maximized precision in bending small profiles and at the same time, excellent ability to bend large and high resistance modulus profiles. Taurus series machines are ideal for heavy metal fabrication work up to 17,000 cm3 (1,000 in3) capacity.