Flood Machining-Hard Milling Machinery


The CEGA SS-300 features a high-rigidity structure for greater stability

MC-DM-800 1600 Series

The DM Series is great for mold and die applications and excels in close-tolerance work.

MC-DV-800 2000 Series

The DV Series is built for general-purpose machining, featuring a 15,000-RPM Direct Drive Spindle.

MC Eagle V5 5 Axis

The Eagle V5 is much like the V9 only in a smaller size to better suit the requirements of making smaller graphite electrodes and mold/die components. The V5 is available in a 3-axis or 5-axis configuration with an ATC capacity of up to 100 tools.

MC Eagle V9 5 Axis

The Eagle V9 is the first High Speed 5-Axis VMC to offer a removable fixed worktable that mounts over the standard 4th/ 5th-axis unit to create a much larger 3-Axis machining area (patented).


The MEGA SS-400/600 is the ultimate machine for small-hole drilling and micro-fine milling.


The VS-652's high rigidity, bridge-type monoblock structure provides superior stability.