MC Tanaka LMRV

MC Machinery Systems, Inc. is proud to introduce the Tanaka LMRV as a part of its product lineup. Nissan Tanaka is a pioneer in laser technology. The LMRV series offers excellent cut quality at economical operating costs. An improved optical configuration directly improves the cut quality. The power of the LMRV series has also been improved—a 6kW resonator can now be mounted on the machines. The LMRV series achieves high speed, high output and high efficiency while maintaining easy-to-use features.

MC Tanaka LMRV
LMR series is developed with a concept that the series will make a (Revolution) to put (Laser) on the (Main)stream in the field of medium to thick mild steel plates.

Resonators Available: TF2000 — TF4000 — TF6000

The small dimension, high performance CO2 laser offers high-precision, high-quality processing to meet your needs at a low running cost.

Applicable to a Long Span

The effective cutting width ranges from 2.5m to 5.5m and the effective cutting length is endless, which enables continuous cutting of materials of varieties and sizes.

Low Running Cost

The LMR employs "Stand By Mode" to lower cost when the machine is idle. Stand by lowers power consumption thereby reducing costs.

Automated Operation Function

Len positioning and GOS shielding are automatically adjusted by the NC. This allows different thickness to be processed without operator intervention.