MC-SR-F Series

The newest laser from Mitsubishi features a 3m by 1.5m footprint with many of the features and options that are popular in our best selling eX-F laser. We are proud to introduce...The SR-F.

Because fiber laser technology relies on fiber optics to deliver light to the head, as opposed to mirror-directed beams, significant space savings can be realized with fiber laser technology.  We know that square footage is at a premium in your facility. The SR Fiber is built on the same platform as our highly successful SR CO2 platform.  A true proven work horse.  All of the benefits of this model have been moved over to Fiber technology.

MC-SR-F Series
MC-SR-F Series Details:
  • Comes standard with a fiber laser resonator, a processing head and a safety cover.
  • M700 Series Control
  • 15” touch screen
  • Multi-Channel dust-collection mechanism
  • Mitsubishi’s High-Speed Control for Lasers (MHC-L), an original control method which maximizes fiber lasers high speed cutting capability. Controls bean on/off timing 1 micro-second increments. The system includes a timing calculator that allows the machine to deliver fast rise time when the laser needs power.
  • Motion Cut- features the beam on/off time and axial movement simultaneously to eliminate the need for the axes stop.
  • Eco Mode reduces cost during standby by up to 70%
  • Power Control System provides power stability of +/-  1%
  • Automatic Focusing allows for easy and consistent focusing.
  • Reduction of cutting time by fast command execution.
  • Long term stabile processing by all fiber composition.
  • Remote 360