MC-SR 2D Series

Higher-quality cutting, improved productivity and increased surface finish are just a few of the impressive features unique to the new SR laser. Innovative additions—including the PHXS Head with a lens cartridge design that facilitates constant centering, plus a faster graphical interface— lead to faster cutting and lower cost per part.

Other features allow for aggressive mild steel piercing, expanded options for programming and exceptional control in cutting, contributing to increased energy savings. Overall improvements unique to the SR include a 40 percent speed gain in thick-plate cutting, thanks to the improved resonator; and an up to 80 percent improvement in surface-finish quality for stainless steel cutting.

MC-SR 2D Series
MC-SR 2D Series Details:
  • Higher quality cutting and improved productivity over the previous model
  • Improved resonator delivers a better beam which results in 40% speed gain in thick plate
  • Up to 80% improvement in surface finish quality in Stainless Steel
  • New intuitive control improves user experience and will help increase productivity
  • Gas change time is improved by 60% over previous model, approximately 10 minutes from start time
  • Helical Rack and Pinion reduces noise and allows for an increase in acceleration in X and Y axes and provides increased accuracy and longer life
  • Built in Jet Pierce provides the ability to aggressively pierce mild steel
  • New Mitsubishi Control with Faster graphical interface, USB compatibility and expanded programming options
  • ECO NODE available for increased energy savings
  • New PHXS Head has a new lens cartridge design which allows for more constant centering and the focus lens will achieve better performance due to this design change
  • Improved Diamond Path Technology for constant beam control and exceptional cutting performance
  • Nozzle Changer Option is now available
  • M-Cut: Allows high quality cutting of poor surface quality material and film protected sheet metal, which often causes cutting defects, in two passes
  • Offcut Function can easily split a sheet that is not fully used. dedicated screen for ease of use
  • You can upgrade your SR with new available options including: Nozzle Changer, Clean Piercing and Rotary Axis