MC-RX-F Series

The new RX-F series from Mitsubishi features a 4m by 2m footprint with all of the features and options that are popular in our best selling eX-F and RX lasers. We are proud to combine these two models into one new model: The RX-F.

MC-RX-F Series
MC-RX-F Series Details:
  • High speed, heavy-duty motion system
  • Superior edge quality and processing consistency over entire work area
  • PC-based, 64-bit NC control has touch-screen user interface and full network capability
  • Provides the ultimate stability that ensures high-speed processing accuracy
  • Mitsubishi safety package includes full side covers
  • Heavy-duty, high-speed pallet changer maximizes throughput
  • Helical Rack and Pinion reduces noise, and allows for an increase in acceleration in X and Y axes and provides increased accuracy and longer life time
  • Magnetic Head is standard, allowing for quicker recovery after collision
  • Built in Jet Pierce provides the ability to aggressively pierce mild steel
  • New Mitsubishi Control with Faster graphical interface, USB compatibility and expanded programming options
  • ECO MODE available for increased energy savings
  • New PHXS Head has new lens cartridge design which allows for more constant centering and the focus lens will achieve better performance due to this design change.  The PHXS Head allows for a 10" focal length option
  • Nozzle Changer Option is available