MC-MCV-600 3000B Series

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The MCV Series is the ultimate value machine, as a great general-purpose machining center featuring a 12,000-RPM spindle standard and BIG Plus CAT 40 tooling. The MITSUBISHI M80A series control now operates from a 10.4" cell phone like touchscreen with a new CNC-Dedicated CPU providing up to 135,000 BPM (block per minute) calculation speed. That's 4 times faster than the M70V predecessor. The MCV performs well in a wide variety of applications, including but not limited to fixtures, mold bases and secondary operations.

MC-MCV-600 3000B Series
MC-MCV-600 3000B Series Details:
  • General-purpose machining center for a wide variety of applications giving you the ultimate value

  • Full Enclosure
  • 12,000 STD / 8,000 Opt RPM Belt Drive Spindle BIG Plus CAT-40 Tooling
  • 10,000 RPM ZF Gearbox STD Belt Drive Spindle BIG Plus CAT-50 Tooling
  • M80A Mitsubishi Controller with 1,350 block Look Ahead
  • Data Server + Ethernet + IC card (1GB)
  • 3 Year Controller Warranty
  • Spindle Oil Chiller
  • Spindle Load Meter
  • Dual Swing Arm ATC
  • 32-Position Automatic Tool Changer (Most Models)
  • Coolant Thru spindle prep (1000psi)
  • Spindle Coolant Ring
  • Ball Type LM Guideways X, Y, Z-axis CAT-40 machines
  • Roller Type LM Guideways X and Y with box ways on the Z-axis CAT-50 machines
  • Auto Oil Lube System
  • Chips Auger
  • Air Gun
  • Water Gun
  • Disc-Type Oil/Coolant Separator
  • Automatic Power Shut Down Circuit
  • Rigid Tapping
  • Three Stage Patrol Lamp
  • Z-Axis Brake
  • ZF Gearbox Provides 4X Torque (option on CAT-40 machines)