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High-performance LT-350 CNC lathes deliver the ultimate in rigidity—with 6-inch chuck size. The full-enclosure, FC30 Meehanite cast-iron design features a 30-degree slant bed for excellent support to the spindle head, turret and tailstock with low gravity. High-precision linear guideways and a rigid, servo-driven turret enable increased rapid travel speeds and smooth, heavy-duty cutting. A high-torque, high-power motor provides fast acceleration and deceleration movement while the absolute encoder technology eliminates the need for a limit switch. A high-performance V-belt drive reduces maintenance and heat associated with gear-type drives.

MC-LT-350 Details:
The real power of the LT Series comes from the Mitsubishi M70V Series control and drive system. The control includes a state-of-the-art 64-bit RISC processing unit with ultra-high-speed fiber-optic backplane. This allows for extensive program look-ahead (337 blocks) and 33,700-BPM processing. The control software includes an easy-to-use interface with intuitive access to critical information such as editing, setup and monitoring functions. NAVI LATHE onboard programming includes a playback function for on-the-fly program edits via teach mode. The navigation system allows for complete nano-processing—from the program values to the servo commands.

  • Full Enclosure
  • Stepless spindle motor (6,000, 4,000 and 3,500 depending on model)
  • Multi-Station Hydraulic Servo Turret (12 or 10 station depending on model)
  • 3-Jaw thru-hole Chuck
  • Programmable Hydraulic Tailstock
  • Live center
  • Programmable Hydraulic Chuck
  • Chip Conveyor (Includes Chip Cart)
  • Tapper Bushings (MT1 / MT2 / MT3)
  • Coolant pump
  • Work Light
  • Alarm Light
  • Tool Box
  • Leveling Bolts and Pads

  • Transformer
  • Live Tooling on the LT-400M and LT-520M
  • Radial Drill Head (M series)
  • Axial Live Head (M series)
  • Collet Chuck
  • Bar Feeder
  • Auto Door
  • Robot Interface

  • Mitsubishi M70V Control Unit Specs
  • 64-bit RISC Processor
  • 33,700 BPM Processing Speed
  • 337 Block Look Ahead
  • Editable Data Server Flashcard Type
  • Communications: Ethernet with TCP/IP Protocol & RS 232
  • NAVI (Conversational) Programming