MC-DV-800-2000 Series

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The DV Series is built for general-purpose machining, featuring a 15,000-RPM Direct Drive Spindle. This machine can accommodate smaller cutting tools so you can perform more intricate milling work, in addition to your general shop work. The MITSUBISHI M80A series control now operates from a 15" cell phone like touchscreen with a new CNC-Dedicated CPU providing up to 135,000 BPM (block per minute) calculation speed.  That's 4 times faster than the M70V predecessor.  The DV series is a popular machine among job shops because of its performance across a wide range of applications. Find your competitive advantage with the DV series from MC Milling.

MC-DV-800-2000 Series
MC-DV-800-2000 Series Details:
  • General-purpose machining for small cutting tools and intricate milling work
  • Performs across a wide range of applications

  • Full Enclosure
  • Direct Drive Spindle
  • Spindle Oil Chiller
  • 32-Position BIG Plus CAT-40 Automatic Tool Changer
  • M80-A Mitsubishi Controller
  • Coolant Thru spindle prep (1000psi)
  • Roller Pack LM Guideways
  • Auto Oil Lube System
  • Chips Auger
  • Air Gun
  • Water Gun
  • Oil / Coolant Separator
  • Automatic Power Shut Down Circuit
  • Three Stage Patrol Lamp
  • Z-Axis Brake