KASTOwin pro AC 5.6

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The fully automatic KASTOwin pro AC 5.6 is the perfect solution for cutting tubes, profiles and solid material with increased production speed and efficiency. This machine is built for bimetallic and carbide blades and works great in areas such as the steel trade, steel production, forging mills, machine manufacturing and the automotive industry. With the capability of using both carbide and bimetallic saw blades, this machine is able to be used in a wide variety of applications.

KASTOwin pro AC 5.6 Details:
  • Retraction unit on each side for lifting the blade from the surface when the saw head moves back. This ensures efficient sawing with little tool wear.
  • EasyControl. the advanced control system makes for shorten idle times when in auto mode.
  • All parameters can be optimized to match the type of blade being used.
  • Optimal cleaning of saw blade by electrically driven, self-adjusting chip removal brush
  • Automatic band guide arm adjustment to material width
  • Effective use of material down to a 1.38 in short remnant
  • New layout: The drive unit and sensor are separate from the working area – ensuring reliable and trouble-free operation
  • Good accessibility despite of compliance with the current safety standard
  • Wear costs can be reduced up to 50% compared to the previous machine

  • Cutting range     22.05 in  
  • Smallest dimension to be cut     0.39 in  
  • Shortest length of residual piece, automatic operation     1.38 in  
  • Shortest length of cut-off piece      0.39 in
  • Cutting range flat height x width     22.05 x 22.05 in

  • Length     64.96 in  
  • Width      129.92in  
  • Height     89.76in
  • Total weight     9.480 lbs  
  • Material support height     27.56 in

  • Connected load     20,79 HP  
  • Saw motor, frequency controlled     14,75 HP  
  • Cutting speed infinitely variable     39 - 492 ft/min  
  • Material feed length - individual feed     19.69 in  
  • Multiple feed     393.66 in  
  • Saw blade dimensions     278.23” x 2.13” x 0.06”  
  • Cutting feed     electrically adjustable via ball bearing spindle  
  • Material feed     ball bearing spindle  
  • Material clamping      hydraulic
  • Saw blade cleaning     by easy to exchange wire brush, synchronized with main drive