HEM Saw PS18-144

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HEM Saw PS18-144
HEM Saw PS18-144 Details:

Guide Arms

The guide arms on the HEM Plate Saws are the toughest in the business. The fixed guide is mounted directly to the massive arm weldment. The adjustable guide, which moves at the touch of a switch, slides along precision ways, providing a rigid mount for accurate cuts in any material.

Heavy Carbide Guides

Precision-ground carbide blade guides keep the blade in perfect position. Designed for long life, the guides provide the most accurate system for blade alignment in the industry.

Unitized Power Unit

The band motor and gearbox are mounted in a single unit at the top of the saw arm, away from the chips, debris and coolant. The ten horsepower motor delivers power to the band wheels through a totally-enclosed worm gear drive.

Swing-Away Control

The centrally located control panel combines manual and automatic controls for operator convenience. The console swings in a full 90-degree arc, allowing the operator to move the console to the position most comfortable - and most productive.

Basis Of Straight Cuts:

Tough, heavy-duty guide arms hold the blade in perfect position for straight cuts.

The arm design keeps chips and debris away from moving parts, which are located out of the cutting zone.

Precision ground carbide blade guides provide exact blade alignment and support for consistent, reliable cutting.

The heaviest saw arm in the industry eliminates vibration, and large diameter band wheels make for smooth cutting.

Simple, Rugged Construction Meeans Accurate Cuts

The new PS and PM series of HE&M Plate Saws combines simplicity with rugged construction to create a machine with outstanding speed and accuracy. The PS 25 Plate Saws have capacities from 84 to 124 inches wit 20 by 25 inch throat. The even larger PS-50 has a 50 inch throat for cutting plate up to 20 inches thick. PS machines feature a traversing arm system. PM Series machine provide a traversing table cutting system.