Capacity: 0.314" - 3.149" Square, 0.314" - 3.937" Round
Blade: TCT Carbide Tipped Saw Blade 355 x 2.0t mm
Motor: 15 HP
Hydraulics: 3 HP

HEM Saw KTC-100NF Details:

Compact PLC Control and Inverter
Touch Screen Feature for Setting of Machine & Cutting Functions
Saw Blade Feed Driven by Servo Motor
Hard-Plumbed Hydraulic System
Hydraulic Horizontal & Vertical Main Vise
Standard Loader - Automatic Workpiece Loading
Automatic Product Sorting
Work Piece Positioning
Precision Spindle
Variable Blade Speed
Magnetic Power Brake & Fan
Blade Brush
Air Gun & Vacuum Dust Removal for Chip Removal
Built-In Coolant System w/ Flood & Mist
Voltage: 208-240V, 50/60Hz, 3-Phase

10' Standard Loader Extemsion
20' Bundle Loader
10' Bundle Loader Extension
Unloading Device
Stroking Front "Outboard" Vise
- Reduces Remnant Lengths
Sliding Aid
Large Vacuum Dust Collector