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HEM Saw KTC-100EH Details:

High-Speed Circular, CNC Carbide Sawing Machine

Capacity: 0.787" - 3.346" Square, 0.787" - 4.330" Round
Blade: TCT Carbide Tipped Saw Blade 285 x 2.0t mm | 360 x 2.6t mm | 370 x 2.6t mm
Motor: 20 HP
Hydraulics: 3 HP

Control Console w/ Touch screen

High-resolution, color touch screen on console provides easy viewing when setting machine & cutting functions.

Servo Drive Motor

Saws have servo drives for feeding the saw head allowing for dynamic entry and exit speeds to extend blade life and eliminate burrs.

Hard-Plumbed Hydraulics

Hard-Plumbed Hydraulic System provides a more consistent and stable output.

Horizontal & vertical Vise

The saw vise has both horizontal and vertical clamping to ensure stability and accuracy during the cut.

Mist & Flood Coolant

The saw includes both Mist and Flood Coolant to accommodate carbide tooth or high speed steel blades.

Adjustable Blade Speed

Variable blade speed is adjustable to cut various materials.

Magnetic Power Brake & Fan

A Magnetic Power Brake and Fan reduces back­lash and vibration resonance for a smoother cut and longer blade life.

Chip Removal

An Air Gun and Chip Auger come standard for chip removal.

Automatic Work Piece loader

An Automatic Work Piece Loader is standard for handling and positioning of material before the cut.

Automatic Product Sorting

Trim cuts are separated automatically from the good cuts with Automatic Product Sorting.

Standard Loader

The automatic work-piece loading system can be loaded with multiple work-pieces. Work-piece loading is conveniently set through the control system for mass production requirements. The standard loader is 1 O' in length.

Optional 1 O' Standard Loader Extensions are available to extend the 1 O' Standard Loader.

Control Panel

The touch screen provides real time monitoring and system diagnostics for easy troubleshooting.

The HEM Saw KTC-100EH offers these optional upgrade items:

An Optional Stroking Front "Outboard" Vise can be added to Reduce Remnant Lengths.

Optional Bundle Loaders are available to automate loading process from bundle to single bars lying across the loading table.

Optional 10' Bundle Loader Extensions are avail­able to extend the 20' Bundle Loader.

An Optional Sliding Aid ensures that non-rounded material will still roll or slide down the ramp to the loading position. The sliding aid adjusts from flat with the standard table to a steep angle when needed. This option can only be used when manually loading a bar if purchased with an optional bundle loader.

An Optional Unloading Device removes cut pieces to avoid falling after cut.