HEM Saw Hurricane 2030M

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HEM Saw Hurricane 2030M
HEM Saw Hurricane 2030M Details:

Horizontal Miter, Metal-Cutting Production Band Saw

Capacity: 20" H x 30" W @ 90 degrees
20" H x 20" W @ 45 degrees Left
20" H x 13" W @ 60 degrees Left
Blade: 1.5" x 20'6"' x .050"
Motor: 10 HP
Hydraulics: 2 HP

Front Mounted Control Console

The Control Console is located on the front of the saw for operator convenience.

24" Solid Discharge Table

A standard solid discharge table provides easier handling after the cut. The table is 24" in length and is fully coolant panned.

34" Roller Load Table

A 34" Roller Load Table is provided for handling of material before the cuts

Full Stroking Main Vise

A Full-Stroking Main Vise clamps material at the turn of a switch and holds the material in place to ensure accurate cuts. The clamping pressure is easily adjusted to clamp various materials.

Carbide Blade Guides

The Blade Guide System incorporates side and back blade guides that utilize carbide inserts for long wear, stability and maximum blade support.

Power Miter w/Angle Readout

The mitering capability is an easy adjustment powered from the console with LED Angle Readout displayed. This allows the operator to change angles quickly and accurately

Adjustable Blade Speed

Blade speed can be adjusted with an infinitely variable speed drive from the console with push button controls. The blade speed is shown on the console with LED Readout.

Adjustable Reed Rate & Cut Pressure

The saw arm Feed Rate can be adjusted from zero to 3 inches per second. Cutting pressure can be adjusted for effective metal removal rates.

Powered Guide Arm

The Powered Moveable Guide Arm provides optimum blade support as material size changes. It quickly adjusts the guides that hold the blade securely, providing straighter cuts and longer blade life.

Powered Blade Tension

The Powered Blade Tensioner maintains proper blade tension at all times during the cut, compensating for blade stretch. Changing blades of the saw is done in minutes with the use of the Powered Blade Tensioner.

Chip Auger System

The Chip Auger removes chips from the cutting area into an easy-to-empty container. Chips and coolant are automatically separated into two different containers

Blade Brush

A shaft-driven Blade Brush is standard for positive removal of metal chips that lodge in the blade gullets. This system ensures a cleaner blade, more accurate cuts, and prolonged blade life.

Built-In Flood Coolant System

The saw has a totally built-in coolant system with sealed coolant pump. The coolant is dispensed through the guide arms on both sides of the cut.

Emergency Stop

The saw is equipped with a safety Emergency Stop cut-off switch. This allows the operator to closely monitor the cutting process and quickly stop it if needed.

Other Safety Features

The Lock Out - Tag Out is used to disable saw operation during maintenance.

The saw will automatically shut off if the blade breaks shown by the Broken Blade indicator.

The Panic Stop haults all automatic functions.

The HEM Saw 2030M offers these optional upgrade items:

An Optional patented Cut Watcher System monitors the cut for squareness to a pre-set deviation value. The system shuts down the saw when the pre-set value is exceeded.

An optional Laser Light indicates either above or below where the blade will enter the material for the cut.

The optional spray mist system lubricates the blade with a mist that is adjustable at a rate of 4 - 200 pulses per minute, pushing the mix of oil/air out of the delivery line to the nozzle.

Full Capacity Top Clamps can be added to the main and feed vise for vertical clamping of structural shapes and when entire "mill bundles" are to be cut.

5' or 10' Idle Roller Stock Table