Hem Saw 260 BSA

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Hem Saw 260BSA
Hem Saw 260 BSA Details:

Double Miler, Metal-Cutting Band saw

Capacity: 10.2" W x 5.9" H (8. 7" Round) @ 90° 5.9" w X 5.9" H Left@ 45° - 4.7" w X 3.9" H Right@ 45° - 3.5" w X 2.4" H Left@ 60°
Blade: 1" x 96-1/2" x .035"
Motor: 1.8 HP 220V (3-Phase) 2 Speed or 3 HP 230V (1-Phase) Variable Speed

Moveable Control Console

The Control Console is located in front of the saw and is moveable with a 40" umbilical for operator convenience.

Miter cutting -45° /+60°

The 260 BSA gives you both speed and accuracy in mitering angles up to 45 degrees both directions and 60 degrees left. Swing the arm to the desired angle as indicated on the protractor scale. The protractor scale is easy to read, and locks at all angles.

Hydraulic Adjustable Vise

Vising is hydraulic and easily adjusts to clamp the material, holding the work piece securely during the cut.

Adjustable Feed Rate & Cutting Pressure

Patented Hydraulic system for a fine regulation of feed rate and cutting pressure for effective metal removal rates.

Manual Adiustable Guide Arm

The Guide Arm is adjusted manually to help stabilize the blade and reduce vibration, providing straighter cuts and longer blade life.

Hard Stop Measuring Device

An adjustable bar-stop saves time and money; parts can be cut to the same length repeatedly without constant measurement.

Built-In Flood Coolant System

The saw has a totally built-in coolant system with sealed coolant pump. The coolant is dispensed through the guide arms on both sides of the cut and a flex-tube nozzle to flood the center of the cut.

Full Capacity Cutting Surface

The saw has a wide full capacity cutting surface for piece support, designed to have a comfortable and practical cutting area.

The plates for piece support can be turned upside down to be used as new plates.

Manual Blade Tensioner

The manual blade tensioner helps to keep the blade at the proper tension. Just align the markings to assure and maintain proper blade tension at all times during the cutting process.

Rugged 3/16" Steel Base

The base is a robust structure constructed with 3/16" steel and with a finish that is painted bright and smooth. A large chip container is provided for easy cleaning.

Heavy-Duty Sealed Pivot Bearing Points

The double sealed bearing point for the miter pivot allows for easy and smooth mitering of the saw arm. The heavy-duty sealed bearing point for the arm pivot provides long life and stable arm control while cutting.

Both are designed to give the saw many years of trouble free use.

The bow rotation, through conical bearings, is independent from the cutting surface plates for piece support, thus from the weight of the material to cut.

The HEM Saw 260BSA offers these optional upgrade items:

Optional idle roller tables are available, inbound or outbound, for material handling. They are de­signed to move bars with ease and accuracy.