Faccin Long Plate Roll HAV-2P

3 Rolls Long Plate Rolling Machine for Pipeline Production

Faccin has many years of experience in the design and manufacturing of special machines for the production of pipes. To meet specific production requirements in the industry, the company offers HAV-2P, a series of high performance pipe mill bending rolls able to support the production of pipes delivering productivity, repeatability and automation of the entire process.

These pipe production bending rolls are constructed with extremely sturdy electro-welded structures and are fitted with three rolls in thermally treated steel alloys.

The rolls of the special HAV-2P bending rolls are moved independently – the top roll moves vertically, the lower rolls move horizontally – and allow the power of the machine to be fully exploited, depending on the various thicknesses to be rolled.

Faccin Long Plate Roll HAV-2P
Faccin Long Plate Roll HAV-2P Details:

To offer high performance in the production of long pipes with relatively small diameters the lower rolls of the HAV-2P bending rolls are supported by backups for their entire length. The top roll is preloaded to compensate for the flexion during plate bending and may be replaced quickly to extend the range of diameters and thicknesses that can be obtained by rolling.

HAV-2P long bending rolls are designed for rolling plates up to 45 mm thick, ideal for producing pipes up to over 18 m long, complying with certain technical specifications and roundness tolerances and offering a high quality finished product complying with API standards.

Faccin is available to design and produce customised solutions that are able to effectively meet the needs of our Customer.

Variable geometry with 3 mobile rolls
Linear guides for roll translation (RGS)
Hardened and polished rolls
Electronic balancing system (EPS)
Rolls made of forged alloy steel
Mobile wheel mounted control console
Centralized lubrication system
SIEMENS numerical control unit
Emergency barrier around the machine
CE certified machine

Automatic loading and unloading systems
Motorized feeding table
Automatic ejector
HTRP Rolling Package
Servoloading system for top roll quick change
Additional bending Tool with Supporting beam
Hydraulic Positioning of Lateral Rolls
Prebending Head - Postbending Unit
Interchangeable Tools for Prebending/Postbending
Interchangeable Top Rolls