Faccin Hydroforming Press PPH


The water press we manufacture allows the forming of policylindrical/oval/circular heads up to 6 mm thickness. The process consists in taking advantage from high-pressure water jet towards the plate that blows against the top die fixed by a blank-holder. This process allows the yielding of the material to reach the requested head depth. A set of hydraulic cylinders keep the blank-holder fixed on the head by developing a total force in excess of 1500 TONS. A special gaskets system guarantees the tightness against high-pressure liquid infiltration.

Faccin Hydroforming Press PPH
Faccin Hydroforming Press PPH Details:

Automatic working cycle (with Siemens Touch Screen Control Panel)
Lower die holder with grooves to fix the dies
Upper die holder on working cylinder
Centralized control console
Safety devices for immediate stop of every movement