Faccin Angle Roll RCMI

3 Rolls Double Pinch Section Roll

The RCMI series "double pinch" angle rolls are expressly designed for rolling profiles with high resistance to the bending. This is the reason why the structures are heavily dimensioned and are built with heavy thickness plates of certified quality steel. They are electro-welded and heat treated to release the internal stresses. The solidity of the structure is in fact an essential parameter to guarantee reliability and precision through the years. The RCMI series angle rolls offers superior quality and includes many accessories supplied as standard equipment.

The large series of rolls allows all the standard profiles to be rolled (including beams, columns and channels rolled on edge). The adaptability of the special modular system of bending rolls guarantees the best possible guide for the profile during the complete rolling process. The 4 lateral guide rolls are, as standard, independently adjustable in 6 directions to guarantee the best control of the planarity of rolling, to calibrate diameters and to prevent twisting of asymmetrical sections.

Faccin Angle Roll RCMI
Faccin Angle Roll RCMI Details:

State of the art numerical controls available in different solutions:

Profile shape selection
Automatic calculation of bending program
Graphic simulation
Up to 11 controlled axis
Program database and Dxf import

Standard or universal rolls for rolling all the standard sections
Fast Roll Change System (TIMS Technology)
Motorized fine adjustment for the universal rolls height
Independent adjustment of the two bending rolls (double pinch)
External guide rolls independently adjustable in six directions
Simultaneous translating and rotating movements for the bending rolls
Infinitely variable rotation speed for interpolation between different radii
Automatic hydraulic compensation of rolls rotational speed
Three hydraulic motors and three planetary gearboxes for rolls rotation
Special high resistance heat treated forged steel used for the rolls
Roll shafts made of NiCrMo alloy steel hardened and ground
At your choice console on wheels or pendant type
Machine CE certified for its safety

Pipe and RHS rolling dies
Hard way rolling units (push/pull devices)
Spiralling device
Automatic section feeding
Special versions available
Electronic templates
Graphic Numerical Controls
Mandrel system for hallow sections