Faccin 3 Roll Variable Geometry Bending Roll HAV

3 Rolls Variable Geometry Rolling Machine

High rolling power combined with maximum pre-bending precision: HAV is the series of 3-roll variable geometry bending rolls at the highest level of its category by performance and versatility.

HAV bending rolls designed, manufactured and marketed by Faccin since the 70’s deliver performance equivalent to that obtained with the 4-roll plate bending rolls and are therefore ideal for medium-heavy duty machining. HAV series models feature a very fast and secure pre-bending stage; the horizontal feeding allows the use of automatic feeding tables and centering systems.

Thanks to the Variable Geometry configuration of HAV electronic plate bending rolls, the machine’s 3 rolls move independently – the top roll moves vertically, the lower rolls horizontally – allowing the operator to adjust, as required, the centre distance between the lower rolls and the distance between the bending points, as is the case on a press brake with variable opening lower die.

Faccin 3 Roll Variable Geometry Bending Roll HAV
Faccin 3 Roll Variable Geometry Bending Roll HAV Details:

By reducing to the minimum the centre distance between the lower rolls, the HAV series bending rolls obtain excellent traction of the sheet. In addition, by minimising the length of the straight part, they offer better quality pre-bending.

The maximum centre distance between the lower rolls instead, makes it possible to get a huge rolling capacity.

Thanks to the horizontal position of the cylinders for lower roll movement, HAV 3-roll variable axis bending rolls are equipped with a reduced height work top. No foundations are therefore required, even for bending rolls with capacity up to 40 mm.

All the HAV series 3-roll bending rolls are fitted with the EPS system for electronic synchronised control of roll parallelism within tolerances of less than 0.2 mm, guaranteed over time as they are not subject to mechanical wear or delay of hydraulic drives. The combination of top quality components, the Hi-Tech Hydraulic of the FaccinAp and EPS system make the HAV one of the most technologically advanced Plate Roll on the market. The HAV series models are the right solution to bend plates up to 300 mm thick.

Variable geometry with 3 mobile rolls
Linear guides for roll translation (RGS)
Hardened and polished rolls and conical device
Electronic balancing system (EPS)
Special braking system for optimum pre-bending
Faccin Advantage Package - FaccinAp
Mobile wheel mounted control console
Centralised lubrication system
SIEMENS numerical control unit
Emergency barrier around the machine
CE certified machine

Automatic loading and unloading systems
Motorized feeding table
Automatic ejector
Central and side supports
Machine ready for hot rolling
Integrated welding system
Special colors