Eagle V9 5 Axis

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The Eagle V9 is designed to be an ultra-rigid 5-axis vertical machining center with the capacity to handle a 1,100-pound workpiece on a 23.6-inch table surface. The Heidenhain iTNC-530 control unit is mounted on a moveable pedestal for optimal positioning convenience. The Eagle V9 is designed with side opening in the casting to allow robot loading from either side with pallets up to 19.7” square.

The Eagle V9 gantry-type 5-axis machining center is built and designed to be highly rigid and incredibly precise. To achieve high rigidity and fine finish, the Eagle V9 employs a U-shape polymer concreate base, with B-axis support and a high-quality rotary table C-axis. It is also equipped with 36,000 RPM integrated spindle, a heavy-duty, roller-type linear guideways, and Dual Gantry Drive (two ball screws and linear glass scales in both the X and Y-axis). The Eagle V9 is capable of performing high-precision cuts with the X-, Y-, Z-, B- and C-axes moving simultaneously. Inclined surface machining, spiral contour machining, irregular contour machining and other complex cutting tasks can be made simple with the Eagle V9.

The Eagle V9’s B-axis uses a zero backlash gear drive while the C-rotary axis utilizes a direct drive motor, complimented with direct rotary encoders. This is superior to the conventional worm gear setup in drive transmission and power efficiencies

Eagle V9 5 Axis
Eagle V9 5 Axis Details:
  • Integrated 4/5-Axis System (without T-slot table)
  • Travels: X, Y and Z: 31.5” x 23.62” x 19.69”
  • Rapid Traverse: - 1771 in/min (X, Y and Z)
  • Max Acceleration: 32ft/s² (1G)
  • HF Spindle 23hp, 36,000 RPM, HSK-E50, 72 pos ATC
  • Renishaw Infrared Measuring Probe
  • Blum Laser System for tool breakage detection and tool length/diameter compensation
  • Double Gantry Drive both X and Y-axis
  • Vibration Dampening Polymer Concrete Machine Bed
  • 3-Point Foundation Setup/Leveling
  • Ball Screws with Direct Drive AC Motors
  • Absolute Measuring with Glass Scales
  • Oil Mist Lubricant System, spindle external
  • 3-Color Status Light
  • Chip Auger with Transverse Conveyor Screw
  • Chip Bucket
  • Heidenhain iTNC-530 HSCi 5-Axis Simultaneous Control
  • Precision Package 3 for 5-axis machines: Temperature-distribution compensation, incl.
  •                   ATDC - Automatic Temperature Drift Control
  •                   5-Axis Compensation
  •                   HEIDENHAIN option Kinematics Opt
  •                   Ceramic Ball for Kinematics accord

  • 18,000 RPM 47 HP HSK-A63 Spindle (48 pos ATC)
  • 26,000 RPM 29.5 HP HSK-A63 Spindle (48 pos ATC)
  • 42,000 RPM 20 HP HSK-E40 Spindle (88 pos ATC)
  • Table Clamping and Pallet Systems from EROWA, Hirschmann and System 3R
  • ICS 2 ATS Internal coolant supply with aerosol dry lubrication
  • T-Slot table to cover the 4/5-axis (Converts the machine to 3-axis operation)
  • Keller Exhaust System for Graphite and Mist Collection
  • Oil mist suction unit
  • Chip conveyor for dry milling (incl: chip bucket)
  • MultiChange Easy Basic Unit (incl: gripper, 40-pos or 5-pos or 4-pos magazine, workpiece change place and connection to machine)