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With a massive drilling head and 20-tool automatic tool changer, the Voortman V325 is a must-have plate processing machine for every steel construction company. The V325 can process a wide variety of plates with thicknesses of 6 mm / 1/4” up to 100 mm / 4”. Carbide drilling up to 70 mm holes saves you an enormous amount of time over milling when processing heavy plates. 3D plasma bevel and oxy-fuel cutting guarantee high quality bevel cuts and weld preparations for instant assembly and welding.

Along with other features like bottom side deburring, Instant Cut Technology and progressive safety features, the V325 continues Voortman’s path in pioneering unmatched technological improvements in steel processing machinery.

Voortman V325
Voortman V325 Details:
The Voortman V325 is the only machine in its range equipped with a heavy SK50 / CAT50 drilling head. With its massive torque of 610 Nm, the drilling head allows you to effortlessly carbide drill 70 mm holes in plates with a thickness up to 100 mm. Especially with heavy base plates, drilling saves time compared to milling. Adding even more strength and versatility to the drill head, it is able to mill slot and square holes and is equipped with a 20-fold automatic tool changer to provide a robust array of common processes such as drilling, thread tapping, counter sinking and counter boring. Through close cooperation with a team of specialists while developing the spindle, Voortman achieved two main goals in the V325 – performance and reliability in drilling and milling.

Voortman’s Instant Cut Technology was developed to reduce cutting cycles. This technique ensures optimized movement each time the plate is handled, allowing production capabilities to double. Especially when production consists of small products with holes, 100% increased production rate is easily attainable with the powerful motion control and speed of the V325. Because Instant Cut Technology is built into Voortman’s own Vacam control software, it remains productive by letting the software create the optimal production mix between speed and quality.

The V325 comes equipped with an unique magnetic collision system in order to minimize downtime. When the torch collides with an object such as a cut-out product on the table, the machine will be up and running in no time with simple manual handling to remount the torch. This unique system is equipped on both the plasma and oxy torch for a consistent benefit for any cutting situation.

Voortman’s sophisticated and accurate plasma 3D bevel unit ensures that man hours and operation costs in the workshop are greatly reduced. The V325 is able to process a variety of high quality bevel cuts and weld preparations (A, V, X, Y and K). Processed parts are immediately ready for assembly and welding without further manual operations, eliminating human handling and errors.

The advanced nesting engine SigmaNEST comes equipped with all Voortman plate cutting machines for increased material optimization and cutting efficiency. Advanced nesting algorithms ensure improved part yield and minimal scrap while optimizing cutting cycle times. Voortman includes SigmaNEST in all steel processing machines because, as all efficient fabrication and manufacturing shops know, an excellent nesting program is as important as the machine itself

To ensure every process maintains Voortman’s highest quality, the V325 is the only plate machine in the market equipped with an automatic deburring unit. When utilized at the same time as the drill unit, extra deburring time is minimized or even completely eliminated. Deburring has become an important part of the workflow in order to meet current standards and produce immediately available finished products. This unique production feature enables the V325 to reduce total costs per part up to 30%, versus running deburring and edge finishing operations with precision parts manually. The deburring unit also contributes to an extended drill lifetime since replacement is not necessary when burr is created by worn down drills. There is also no fear of injuries from burrs by operators while handling the parts.

The Voortman V325 comes equipped with two separate side grippers for plate positioning. Using high precision linear guidance, both servo-driven grippers can move across the machine and guarantee repeatable high quality processing for a wide variety of plates. The precise helical rack and pinion transmission ensures minimum backlash, making the grippers particularly suitable for providing X-axis motion during drilling and contour cuts.

Voortman’s Truevolt technology is responsible for ensuring constant cutting quality and maximum consumable life as part of Instant Cut Technology. Truevolt corrects the exact arc voltage. By measuring the arc voltage, it can determine and maintain the optimal cutting height during processing. Maximum consumable life means less manual interaction, and therefore less machine downtime.

Two automatic 10-fold tool changers significantly contribute to optimal automation. With 20 tools at its disposal, the Voortman V325 is able to process for hours without any manual intervention. The V325’s innovative control software predicts when the number of holes in a nesting exceeds the lifetime of the processing drill. If a new drill of the same diameter is placed in advance, the V325 will automatically change tools when the lifetime of the operating drill expires.

When the holes have been drilled and cuts have been made, the Voortman V325 uses an automatic product discharge table with a motor driven conveyor belt to further automate material handling. This allows the machine to work independently for a longer period of time without requiring part removal by an operator. Nesting bridge cuts can save up to 8 seconds of additional processing time per product by discharging each row at once.

A full shield surrounds the plasma section of the machine to provide enhanced freedom of movement without wearing additional safety devices in the operator area. Since the energy given off by plasma cutting is considered equal to Gas Metal Arc Welding by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), operators and even other employees in the vicinity are supposed to wear glasses, goggles and helmets or shields with the right level of protection. This prevents serious and permanent damage to the eyes. To eliminate medical injuries and the cost of additional preventative safety devices, the V325 is the only machine available with full glare protection around the plasma unit.

The revolutionary GCE oxy fuel torch can only be found in the Voortman V325 plate cutting machine. This new torch equips standard GCE nozzles and can be easily exchanged with a bayonet mount for minimum downtime. The ignition and height control systems are integrated with automatic height control during cutting, creating one solid torch that aides the operator’s responsibilities. A built-in pressure gauge indicates the pressure during cutting for easy adjusting. The revolutionary torch is an integral part of the V325, making use of rapid height control that achieves maximum output.

The V325 double measurement procedure on plates guarantees a match between the physical plate and the specified plate. After the plate is fed, length is measured with active lasers on the gripper trucks. The hydraulic clamp is responsible for height measurement. A preventive alert with mismatches are detected ensures human errors are reduced to a minimum.

To enable constant and efficient production, machine operators have access to Voortman’s improved, comprehensive, and easy-to-use Vacam control software interface. One of Vacam’s key features is adaptive behavior – it allows operators to perform task-oriented work in a dynamic environment. While preparing for production and switching between different production phases, the overall structure remains unchanged with new related functions applied. Vacam control software is known in the industry for its consolidated graphical representation of the production process. It is able to generate a clear overview of processes, production status and machine modules to assist with online support.

Equipped with the largest and heaviest drilling spindle in the field, versatility is something that comes standard in the Voortman V325. The V325 increases output volume with its capability for carbide drilling large holes (70mm). When there’s a need for slot holes or square holes, the drill head can meet the output challenge, milling at the highest quality with 610 Nm torque. A 20-fold automatic tool changer provides a wide range of processes, and when combined with tool length measurement capabilities the V325 achieves a high level of automation without human interference. Also working towards the goal of higher output, the drilling unit is mounted on double linear guides with servo-driven ball screws for fast and precise drilling with extremely high feed rates. Internally cooled drills with a mix of oil and air ensure a long lifetime and eliminate the need for cleaning after drilling.

For plate cutting up to 100 mm / 4” Voortman offers various plasma cutting systems from Hypertherm and Kjellberg with maximum cutting currents from 130 up to 400 amps. With Voortman’s own Vacam software all of the parameters like kerf offset, height control, pierce time delay and gas flow are automatically controlled, making a quality plasma cut more a configured science than operator knowledge. The plasma torch is equipped with all the latest innovations such as fast Voortman Height Control, Truevolt technology and Instant Cut Technology. All of these innovations, each with their individual functions, help the V325 achieve the highest cutting quality, extend consumable lifetime and ensure the fastest cutting cycle. High definition plasma offers similar quality results as the cuts made by laser in terms of angularity and dross.

Every machine is equipped with our standard Vacam control software. All machines share the same “look-and-feel” which significantly reduces the learning curve for the end user.

Vacam operating software is completely developed in house by Voortman software specialists. With decades of experience in steel machinery, the software is always in the process of optimizing and implementing new technologies for further improvements. Within Vacam's open platform, APIs are used to easily exchange production data with ERP and MRP software. Vacam provides a real-time graphical representation of workflows and processes.

Vacam analyzes imported products and nestings instantly. If there are any foreseeable production problems the integrated problem solver suggests the best solution automatically. This increases the efficiency and runtime of the system. Production is not interrupted and issues can be manually solved by the operator in advance.

An easy switch between plasma and oxy-fuel torches covers a wide range of thicknesses with both straight and bevel cut processing. In addition to the revolutionary oxy-fuel torch with its built-in features, the automatic height control and collision protecting magnetic holder are responsible for a faster cutting cycle with minimum downtime.

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