AKS Water-Kut X4

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The AKS Cutting Systems “water-kut” X4 is industry standard in premium, high accuracy, high performance, high production, waterjet cutting.

The AKS “water-kut” X4 is a CNC x-y programmable waterjet cutting system that combines the highest technology, precision and performance with over 100 years of AKS superior machine building experience. AKS “water-kut” X4 was originally designed by MC Machinery, a subsidiary of MITSUBISHI, and improved upon by AKS engineers in the U.S.A.

The AKS “water-kut” X4 is designed and manufactured to the highest machine tool standards as the premium platform for industry leading high precision, high performance and durability. The AKS “water-kut” X4 uses all premium ball screw drives on all axes achieving the highest positioning accuracies of motion of any waterjet cutting system on the market. The AKS “water-kut” X4 provides superior motion accuracy and precision resulting in the most accurate cut parts available using waterjet cutting technology.

AKS Water-Kut X4
AKS Water-Kut X4 Details:

The AKS “water-kut” X4 uses standard all KMT Waterjet High Pressure technology including:

KMT High Pressure Pump (Intensifier or Direct Drive)
KMT High Pressure Abrasive Cutting Head and Consumables

The AKS “water-kut” X4 uses standard all MITSUBISHI Controls technology including:

MITSUBISHI Smart Motors and Drives for X-Y-Z axes

The AKS “water-kut” X4 includes many premium standard features like:

Independent Tank
Pre-Plumbed for GRS
Automatic Touch Probe
Collision Sensor Bracket
Submerged Cutting Water Raise/Lower
Laser Pointer

The AKS "water-kut" X4 offers these optional accessory items:

allows the user to achieve the highest accuracy parts by angling and rotating the inherent waterjet taper “away” from the part straight edge. The TCS uses two additional axes of motion—angular and rotational – to maximize part edge quality and wall straightness. The result is a final part that is produced faster and with straighter walls, regardless of the thickness or composition of the material being cut. The X4 is capable of having dual TCS Cutting Heads for maximum production

offers 5-axis waterjet bevel cutting, including countersinking, chamfers, weld prep cutting, taper compensation capability and more. The AKS waterjet “robo-kut” uses the same superior technology as the AKS plasma “robokut” incorporating robotic style precision gearing and planetary gearboxes that can be incremented in arc-seconds or fractions of degrees for tightest precision and accuracy. It includes a magnetic breakaway head to prevent component damage upon a crash. It is capable of +/-45 degrees and offers continuous unlimited rotation without interruption for cutting of the most complex 5-axis parts without having to stop and unwind. It includes an automatic touch probe to provide correct, accurate and consistent stand-off distance from material, which is particularly important in 5-axis cutting to insure correct part geometry.

automatically and continuously removes the used spent abrasive from the main catcher tank without downtime associated with cleanout. The GRS includes a sweeper package inside the tank which pumps the abrasive out of the tank into a settlement tank liner bag which is easily removed to a waste dumpster.

cleans, filters and recycles all discharge water from both cooling and cutting. This meets or exceeds the recommended water quality specification as required by the KMT high pressure intensifier pump. The CLS includes a bag filter vessel, a hurricane filter vessel and a resin bag chemical exchange vessel for three-stage filtration of cutting water, plus it also includes a chiller unit for recycling of cooling water

waterjet cutting with ultra-high pressures of 90,000 psi offers users the latest technology to maximize cutting speeds. For example, 90,000 psi cutting of 1” aluminum is 15-25 ipm while 60,000 psi cutting of 1” aluminum is 5 -10 ipm. With the latest technology from KMT in high pressure seals, cylinders and check valves, operating costs of the 90,000 psi operation have never been lower, and usually cost only a few dollars more per hour than a 60,000 psi operation.

the same "water-kut" X4 chassis is designed into a smaller or larger work envelope. Standard sizes include: X4-45, X4-1213, X4-1220, X4-1230 and X4-1240. The longer lengths are achievable using precision ground helical rack and pinion drive system. The water-kut X4 also offers an optional enclosure system to fully contain the waterjet operation.