AKS Water-Kut X2

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The AKS Cutting Systems “water-kut” X2 is a 5’ x 10’ or 6’ x 12’ platform CNC Waterjet Cutting System that includes many of the preferred features of the AKS “water-kut” X3 and X4.

The AKS “water-kut” X2 is a CNC x-y-z programmable waterjet cutting system that can incorporate either traditional 55,000 psi operating high pressure or upgraded to the ultra-high pressure 90,000 psi.

The AKS “water-kut” X2 is designed and built to the same performance and durability standards as all AKS Cutting Systems utilizing over 100 years of AKS superior machine building experience. The AKS “water-kut” X2 offers superior performance in its price range, and optimizes the balance between performance and affordability in the market. The AKS “water-kut” X2 is perfect for first time waterjet buyers who want entry-level investment with premium performance and upgrade capability.

AKS Water-Kut X2
AKS Water-Kut X2 Details:

The AKS “water-kut” X2 uses standard all KMT Waterjet High Pressure technology including:

KMT High Pressure Pump (Intensifier or Direct Drive)
KMT High Pressure Abrasive Cutting Head and Consumables

The AKS “water-kut” X2 uses standard all MITSUBISHI Controls technology including:

MITSUBISHI CNC Controller M8 Series
MITSUBISHI High Accuracy, High Speed, Servo Motors & Drives with Dedicated Core Processor Units for X-Y-Z axes

The AKS “water-kut” X2 includes many standard features with available OPTIONAL upgrades like:

Automatic Touch Probe
Submerged Cutting Water Raise/Lower
Automatic Garnet Removal System (GRS)
Collision Sensor Bracket
Laser Pointer
AKS waterjet “robo-kut” 5-axis Cutting Head
Closed Loop Water Recycling System (CLS)
Abrasive Vacuum Sensor

The AKS "water-kut" X2 offers these optional accessory items:

automatic step touch probe can be programmed at certain distance intervals to engage and insure proper nozzle tip stand-off height control and then adjusted while cutting to compensate if the work piece material is warped or not flat. The collision sensor ring can detect most crashes of the nozzle into tipped-up parts, or other items, via a circular metal ring around the nozzle tip which is pneumatically engaged and easily reset.

allows easy operator alignment of the cutting head to the material plate using a red laser crosshairs for precise location finding. The laser pointer is mounted on top of the bridge, above the Z-axis carriage, to insure protection from the harsh abrasive environment below. The nozzle is moved in X- and Y-axes by the operator in manual mode to position the nozzle in the exact location to cut.

automatically and continuously removes the used spent abrasive from the main catcher tank without downtime associated with cleanout. The GRS includes a sweeper package inside the tank which pumps the abrasive out of the tank into a settlement tank liner bag which is easily removed to a waste dumpster.

cleans, filters and recycles all discharge water from both cooling and cutting. This meets or exceeds the recommended water quality specification as required by the KMT high pressure intensifier pump. The CLS includes a bag filter vessel, a hurricane filter vessel and a resin bag chemical exchange vessel for three-stage filtration of cutting water, plus it also includes a chiller unit for recycling of cooling water.

waterjet cutting with ultra-high pressures of 90,000 psi offers users the latest technology to maximize cutting speeds. For example, 90,000 psi cutting of 1” aluminum is 15-25 ipm while 60,000 psi cutting of 1” aluminum is 5 -10 ipm. With the latest technology from KMT in high pressure seals, cylinders and check valves, operating costs of the 90,000 psi operation have never been lower, and usually cost only a few dollars more per hour than a 60,000 psi operation

the same "water-kut" X2 chassis is offered in either 5’ x 10’ or 6’ x 12’ cutting envelope. Standard sizes include the same precision ground helical rack and pinion drive systems for X- & Y-axes and all same features and benefits in both sizes.