AKS Accu-Kut

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The accu-kut combines Hypertherm SureCut™ plasma technology with a century of machine-building experience. Built to the highest machine tool standards and made in the USA like all AKS products. With in-line coupled servo motor, precision planetary gearbox and pinion gear with direct loading to gear rack, gives accu-kut ultra low backlash and highest dynamic positioning accuracy.

AKS Accu-Kut
AKS Accu-Kut Details:

The AKS Cutting Systems "accu-kut" is the industry standard in premium, high accuracy, high performance, high production, unitized platform, Hy-Defintion® plasma cutting.

The AKS "accu-kut" is a CNC x-y programmable plasma cutting system that combines the best of Hypertherm SureCut™ Technology with over 100 years of AKS superior machine experience.

The AKS "accu-kut" is manufactured to the highest machine tool standards incorporating a modular uni-frame design which provides the highest accuracy, rigidity and stability. The AKS "accu-kut" unitized frame is machined in one single set-up, resulting in the highest achievable accuracies of motion of any plasma cutting system on the market. The AKS "accu-kut" uses the same controls, motors, drives and controller as all AKS Cutting Systems achieving superior motion accuracy and precision.

The AKS "accu-kut" uses standard all Hypertherm technology including:

Hypertherm Plasma Power Supply Unit
Hypertherm Edge Connect™ CNC Controller
Hypertherm Phoenix Operating Software
Hypertherm ProNest™ Programming Software
Hypertherm Sensor™ Advanced Torch Height Control (THC)
Hypertherm Torch Head and Consumables

The AKS "accu-kut" is a standard down draft table with multi-zone operation for optimum smoke collection and control. (Smoke collector filtration unit or blower fan must also be included.) The AKS “accu-kut” standard down draft table takes full advantage of the Hy-Definition plasma cutting capability and optimizes the cutting speed and edge quality, with a simpler, smoother and cleaner cutting operation, superior to water table cutting systems, which sometimes interfere with the cutting process, often resulting in excess dross and slag.

The AKS "accu-kut" offers these optional upgrade items:

the same AKS "accu-kut" chassis and performance designed into longer and/or wider cutting envelopes. Standard widths of 6', 8', and 10' and standard lengths of 12', 24', 36', and 48' are available in different modular combinations. All axes utilize the same precision ground helical rack and pinion drive system as all AKS "accu-kut" machines.

the AKS “accu-kut” comes standard with Hypertherm HPR-XD “Hy-Definition™” or XPR “X-Definition™” Plasma Power Supply units and torches. The AKS “accu-kut” is specifically designed for premium accuracy, maximum speed and superior performance to take advantage of the Hy-Definition arc beam. The “accu-kut” is integrated with the Hypertherm Hy-Defintiton capability and utilizes the HPR or XPR family of cutting power supply units provides Hypertherm SureCut technology included.

is the most powerful plasma cutting 5-axis bevel head in the industry and is protected by several U.S. Patents. The AKS “robo-kut” is capable of +/-45 degrees for A,V,K, X, top-Y and bottom-Y style bevel cuts for weld prep applications, countersinks, and chamfers, and also is capable of precision taper compensation or “back-beveling”. Most importantly, the AKS “robo-kut” can produce a ½” dia “bolt ready hole” in 1” thick steel plate, for a ½ : 1 ratio for hole diameter: thickness in many applications, which is superior over competitive machines which are limited to traditional 1 : 1 ratio only. The AKS plasma “robo-kut” incorporates robotic style precision gearing and planetary gearboxes that can be incremented in arc-seconds, or fractions of degrees, for tightest precision and accuracy. The "robo-kut" performs continuous unlimited rotation without interruption, for cutting of the most complex 5-axis parts without having to stop and unwind; and includes a magnetic breakaway head to prevent damage upon a crash.

is one of the most valuable and productive AKS accessories. The tube/pipe cutting capability complements the flat plate cutting area. This unit greatly increases flexibility and capability, while saving floor space and capital investment, compared to a dedicated tube & pipe cutting system. It includes an integrated servo-controlled rotary axis, controlled by the CNC Controller, which holds the tube/pipe via a headstock 4-jaw chuck which rotates as the plasma torch cuts the tube wall. Together with the AKS “robo-kut” 5-axis Bevel Head and servo-controlled THC—Torch Height Control, and using the Hypertherm “Rotary Tube Pro” Software Module, the “tube-kut” cuts up to 8”x8” standard tube or 10.75” OD round pipe, up to 20 ft. long, with maximum weight of 500kg (1200 lb). Also included are two (2) standard “steady-rest” manual clamping supports.

coupled with the Down Draft Table, the Smoke/Dust Collector Filtration Unit provides suction air capable of both removing and filtering the plasma cutting process smoke. It is a stand-alone unit either installed indoors, near the plasma cutting machine, or outdoors for quieter operation. The Smoke Collector unit contains a series of high capacity HEPA filters which efficiently re-circulate clean air back into your plant.

complimentary cutting technology on a separate carriage, but on the same bridge as the plasma torch. The Oxy-Fuel torch is powered by either independent servo control, or mechanical slave linkage. Also included standard features are: auto gas control, built-in auto remote ignition, integrated Coolex technology, digitally controlled high capacity manifold gas system, pre-heating transducer and fuel gas transducer, and automatic settings for faster oxygen and gas pre-heating, cutting speed and kerf. The Oxy-Fuel torch uses Oxygen for cutting 1/8”- 6” thick carbon steel and cannot cut stainless steel and aluminum.